Do we need another Spider-man?

It’s been a decade since Spiderman was directed by Sam Raimi. Do we like it? Looking back to what movie critics have said and also the revenue the movie has earned, I’m pretty much convinced that we people liked it. So, why should we have another spiderman? Or maybe I’m asking the wrong question. Why … Continue reading

Today’s recommendation! : Happythankyoumoreplease

If you’re big fan of TV series, How I met Your Mother, Josh Radnor’s face must be familiar. He writes, acts and also directs this movie. Josh is Sam, an aspiring writer in his late 20s. Just like Ted Mosby, he’s trying to catch his perfect love, his dream as a successful novel writer whereas … Continue reading

16. Angel-A

I always find french film seducing in such a certain way. The beauty of their language fascinates me. Ultimately, the scenery they offer, simply lovely. This is what happen when I watch Angel-A. I found this as an epic delight, encouraging and amusing. The centre of the story is Andre (Jamel Debouzze), a reckless French … Continue reading

5. Yes Man

Remember when I mention that yes man poster looks like the invention of lying poster? Well, I put them both on my blog, it’s your to decide the alikeness. To me personally, it looks pretty much alike. Well enough talking about the poster. I adore this movie. I rate this 4,5 out of 5. Why? … Continue reading