15. Adam

This is a story about two strangers, one a little stranger than other. One of the best romantic-comedy drama I personally have ever seen which brought up the story of Adam (Hugh Dancy), a good looking and genius man who has asperger’s syndrome since he was born. As always, a movie about disabled person’s love story … Continue reading

14. Memento

Looking for a  movie with contemplating plot? I suggest you to watch this movie, MEMENTO. Christopher Nolan, the director, brought back the touch of film noir in this movie. Some parts of the movie are served in black film touch and others in color. A bit strange and ambivalent. That’s what I can catch from this … Continue reading

13. Despicable Me

Last time I watched computer-animated movie, it was with my dearest curly friend, Jemi. I love it to watch cuddly fluffy movie with him, because he’s the type of cuddly fluffy boy. So, it can boost the heart-warming, lightly happy kind of mood. Anyway, when I saw the army of despicable minion, I just tell … Continue reading

12. The men who stare at goats

No goats. No glory. At first I didn’t get the point, what goats have to do with US army. This is a story about men behind those unlucky goats. As always, a story about iraq war has always been interesting. But, unlike the hurt-locker, this is more light-hearted and irrelevant. Though, at the very beginning … Continue reading