Today’s recommendation! : Happythankyoumoreplease

If you’re big fan of TV series, How I met Your Mother, Josh Radnor’s face must be familiar. He writes, acts and also directs this movie. Josh is Sam, an aspiring writer in his late 20s. Just like Ted Mosby, he’s trying to catch his perfect love, his dream as a successful novel writer whereas in How I met Your Mother he’s trying to be a great architect. His accidental meeting with a kid colors his days. I personally think that Josh’s style of directing and acting is kinda influenced by his role in How I Met Your Mother. I’d love to purchase the original soundtrack’s CD, they’re all good and give personal touch for the scene. For a first debut, this is not bad at all, this movie even won audience award in Sundance Film Festival. The movie is enjoyable, touchy and light. Totally not a bad option to splash your Saturday night up, this also suits you in a lazy sunday morning.

HAPPYTHANKYOUMOREPLEASE will hit your nearest cinema on March 2011. Don’t forget to catch this stuff!

3 Responses to “Today’s recommendation! : Happythankyoumoreplease”
  1. srisugiarti says:

    ini mana reviewnya deh -_-

    btw mau ngopi dong

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