Do we need another Spider-man?

It’s been a decade since Spiderman was directed by Sam Raimi. Do we like it? Looking back to what movie critics have said and also the revenue the movie has earned, I’m pretty much convinced that we people liked it. So, why should we have another spiderman? Or maybe I’m asking the wrong question. Why shouldn’t we just enjoy what’s given?

I watched Amazing Spider-man last saturday night with my boyfriend while I was having horrible flu. But that didn’t really destroy my concentration. What did destroy was the blonde Emma Stone. Yes, unlike most of those guys on my timeline who’s head-to-toe crazy about her blonde look, I’m on the other hand craving for her browny hair. Her appearance in Easy-A was STUNNING to me. She managed to look attractive, seductive, smart & lively all in the same time. While, the blonde version of her is simply cute and okey to me. Avoiding reddish-browny look might be done to be different with MJ’s look. But to me it’s just less appealing. Sorry, if we’re on different side about this.

While other girls are screaming about how cool Andrew Garfield is, I’m still missing out some muscles. Seriously, he’s too skinny for me. Those glasses? A big NO for me. Have you ever see any hipster related post on 9gag? To me, Andrew looks like one. Again, sorry for saying these. But, Andrew go wear your contact lenses back, please. But salute for your ability to look young & fresh, for a 28 year old, you did well as a high school student.

Enough about casts. For a guy who directed such a movie like 500 days of summer, the romance between Gwen & Peter is much simpler than the one Peter & MJ had. Before I watched the movie I thought it would be sadder or even more complicated than the previous love story. Since I’m not into tricky relationship and I didn’t expect for touchy scenes, I like this new relationship more. Talking about the enemy, to me Alfred Molina is irreplaceable. Not that I don’t like Dr Connors or The Lizard. To me Dr Connors is more like Norman Osborn. Both are brilliant scientist, aspiring inventor, and most of all they both create their own super power. The thing is that, I’m not a big fan of Osborn. So, Alfred Molina is still on my top list. For the special effect, can’t give much comment. It’s great. The 3D effect gives another sensation that can blend you with the movie.

I still find this remake as an unnecessary one, but yes it’s quite a good one. But as Parker’s teacher said. There’s only one plot in a fiction. This Amazing Spiderman just prove it.

PS : You dumdum the remake will create huge amount of money. Why shouldn’t we create one? Said the Columbia Pictures. 

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