6. Edward Scissorhands

I haven’t even been born when this movie was first released. It was 1990, when Tim Burton collaborated with Johnny Depp. This movie starts with a scene, where old Kim Boggs tell her grand daughter the history of snow. This story begins with Peg Boggs, the local Avon seller, walked in to Edward’s mansion. She … Continue reading

5. Yes Man

Remember when I mention that yes man poster looks like the invention of lying poster? Well, I put them both on my blog, it’s your to decide the alikeness. To me personally, it looks pretty much alike. Well enough talking about the poster. I adore this movie. I rate this 4,5 out of 5. Why? … Continue reading

4. The Invention of Lying

Well, this is the opposite of Truman Show I think. Where in truman show, the city is full of lie, everything is set up for truman, here in the invention of lying everything is nothing but truth, reality, fact. A whole city is surrounded by truth. Mark Bellison, a 40 something screen-writer, is about to … Continue reading