Do we need another Spider-man?

It’s been a decade since Spiderman was directed by Sam Raimi. Do we like it? Looking back to what movie critics have said and also the revenue the movie has earned, I’m pretty much convinced that we people liked it. So, why should we have another spiderman? Or maybe I’m asking the wrong question. Why … Continue reading

9. The A-team

The Alpha Team rocks my sunday evening! I watched it with my boyfriend, which is big fan of them. I didn’t remember much from this movie, unless the memorable theme song and BA, the big guy. Well, from the very beginning this movie has got my attention already. Located in mexico, Hannibal tried to save … Continue reading

2. Fight Club

Insomnia. Can’t help but just deal with it. Just like, Edward Norton, the narrator, 30-something guy, struggling with his insomniac. Representing the average 30 something man in US, this protagonist character just simply called as narrator.¬†Working all day long in his office, lot of pressure from his boss. He finally arrived at the peak of … Continue reading