Le petit Nicolas (2009) : What do you want to be in the future?

After 4 months, I finally open my wordpress again. I didn’t even open it for nearly 4 months. For 4 months I just never felt like writing. No, it’s not writers block I assume. I just try to find other things to explore, beside letting my fingers do the dance. Seem that I miss writing … Continue reading

20. Me & You & Everyone We Know

This is a story about people who live their life with love and passion, how people feel love, how people define love, showing how substantial love is. Miranda July acted, wrote and also directed this movie. I first fell in love with the movie when I heard the music, it’s not just a back sound, it … Continue reading

19. Gulliver’s Travels

Holla holiday! Things have been so easy these past days. I am running out of jobs to be done. I hate being jobless. Here at my home, I am just hanging around like a total douche bag, playing my sims, make him do this and that, while here in my real life, I do simply … Continue reading

17. Symbol

As the Mechanical Engineering & Fluids Mechanic test have been finished, I can’t help to prevent buying myself new movies collection. When I was looking around at the movies room, I saw a face of a Japanese man on a dvd’s cover at oriental section. It appealed me, so I just grabbed it. Well, yeah … Continue reading

16. Angel-A

I always find french film seducing in such a certain way. The beauty of their language fascinates me. Ultimately, the scenery they offer, simply lovely. This is what happen when I watch Angel-A. I found this as an epic delight, encouraging and amusing. The centre of the story is Andre (Jamel Debouzze), a reckless French … Continue reading

15. Adam

This is a story about two strangers, one a little stranger than other. One of the best romantic-comedy drama I personally have ever seen which brought up the story of Adam (Hugh Dancy), a good looking and genius man who has asperger’s syndrome since he was born. As always, a movie about disabled person’s love story … Continue reading

13. Despicable Me

Last time I watched computer-animated movie, it was with my dearest curly friend, Jemi. I love it to watch cuddly fluffy movie with him, because he’s the type of cuddly fluffy boy. So, it can boost the heart-warming, lightly happy kind of mood. Anyway, when I saw the army of despicable minion, I just tell … Continue reading

7. Be Kind Rewind

Another favourite movie from Gondry, I present Be Kind Rewind. A movie released on 2008, starring Jack Black my favourite actor. This is a story about VHS rental store, owned by Mr Fletcher. Mike (Mos Def) worked here, and his friend Jerry (Jack Black) oftenly visit this store. The location of Be Kind Rewind, the … Continue reading

5. Yes Man

Remember when I mention that yes man poster looks like the invention of lying poster? Well, I put them both on my blog, it’s your to decide the alikeness. To me personally, it looks pretty much alike. Well enough talking about the poster. I adore this movie. I rate this 4,5 out of 5. Why? … Continue reading

4. The Invention of Lying

Well, this is the opposite of Truman Show I think. Where in truman show, the city is full of lie, everything is set up for truman, here in the invention of lying everything is nothing but truth, reality, fact. A whole city is surrounded by truth. Mark Bellison, a 40 something screen-writer, is about to … Continue reading