Do we need another Spider-man?

It’s been a decade since Spiderman was directed by Sam Raimi. Do we like it? Looking back to what movie critics have said and also the revenue the movie has earned, I’m pretty much convinced that we people liked it. So, why should we have another spiderman? Or maybe I’m asking the wrong question. Why … Continue reading

Now Showing : Born To Be Wild

This documentary movie was directed by David Lickley (“Bears” and “Jane Goodall’s Wild Chimpanzees”). Born to be wild tells us a story about Birute Galdikas and Daphne Sheldrick. Galdikas set up an orang utan sanctuary in Kalimantan, while Sheldrick set up an elephant sanctuary in Kenya. Morgan Freeman also took a part in this movie as … Continue reading

Today’s recommendation! : Happythankyoumoreplease

If you’re big fan of TV series, How I met Your Mother, Josh Radnor’s face must be familiar. He writes, acts and also directs this movie. Josh is Sam, an aspiring writer in his late 20s. Just like Ted Mosby, he’s trying to catch his perfect love, his dream as a successful novel writer whereas … Continue reading

20. Me & You & Everyone We Know

This is a story about people who live their life with love and passion, how people feel love, how people define love, showing how substantial love is. Miranda July acted, wrote and also directed this movie. I first fell in love with the movie when I heard the music, it’s not just a back sound, it … Continue reading

19. Gulliver’s Travels

Holla holiday! Things have been so easy these past days. I am running out of jobs to be done. I hate being jobless. Here at my home, I am just hanging around like a total douche bag, playing my sims, make him do this and that, while here in my real life, I do simply … Continue reading

14. Memento

Looking for a  movie with contemplating plot? I suggest you to watch this movie, MEMENTO. Christopher Nolan, the director, brought back the touch of film noir in this movie. Some parts of the movie are served in black film touch and others in color. A bit strange and ambivalent. That’s what I can catch from this … Continue reading

12. The men who stare at goats

No goats. No glory. At first I didn’t get the point, what goats have to do with US army. This is a story about men behind those unlucky goats. As always, a story about iraq war has always been interesting. But, unlike the hurt-locker, this is more light-hearted and irrelevant. Though, at the very beginning … Continue reading

11. Toy Story 3

I have a childhood memory with this movie. When I was a kid, I’m totally in love with this movie. Thanks God, Pixar succeeded in producing this movie, so well. Directed by Lee Unkrich, this movie starring well-known actors and actresses, like Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and Joan Cusack. Lee Unkrich is the co-director of … Continue reading

9. The A-team

The Alpha Team rocks my sunday evening! I watched it with my boyfriend, which is big fan of them. I didn’t remember much from this movie, unless the memorable theme song and BA, the big guy. Well, from the very beginning this movie has got my attention already. Located in mexico, Hannibal tried to save … Continue reading

8. Youth in Revolt

What do you expect from Michael Cera’s existance in a movie? A nerd? A boy-next-door? Well, you still can see it in this movie. Cera played as Nick Twisp in this movie, just another nerdy teen from your hood, lives with her mom and her mom’s boyfriend. Kinda sucks rite? While his father lives with … Continue reading