3. The Science of Sleep

This is one of Gondry’s best work for me personally, beside the famous Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind for sure. Dream is the essence of this movie. How Stephane, played by Gael Garcia Bernal, having a difficulty to differ reality and his lucid dream, becomes the main point of this movie. He just happened to … Continue reading

2. Fight Club

Insomnia. Can’t help but just deal with it. Just like, Edward Norton, the narrator, 30-something guy, struggling with his insomniac. Representing the average 30 something man in US, this protagonist character just simply called as narrator.¬†Working all day long in his office, lot of pressure from his boss. He finally arrived at the peak of … Continue reading

1. Summertime Machine Blues

Summer time machine blues is a sci-fi movie which tells about a sci-fi club, whose members almost know nothing about the sci-fi thingy itself, but who cares? Produced in 2005, this movie involves an eternal question about time machine. Is time travelling really possible? Well, vacuum space maybe the answer for time travelling. Einstein’s theory … Continue reading