19. Gulliver’s Travels

Holla holiday! Things have been so easy these past days. I am running out of jobs to be done. I hate being jobless. Here at my home, I am just hanging around like a total douche bag, playing my sims, make him do this and that, while here in my real life, I do simply nothing. It’s only been 5 days, but I am bored. Playing piano. Checked. Learn new songs. Checked. Buy new books. Checked. Read it. On progress. Watch movies. Checked. So I finally hang out today. I’ve just watched Gulliver’s Travels with my boy this evening, and it’s in 3D, but I personally think that it doesn’t really worth to be watched in 3D because the 3D effect itself doesn’t really amaze me. To me, it’s just fine.

Gulliver’s Travels is adapted from a satire novel entitled Gulliver’s Travels written by Jonathan Swift. A story about a no man, named Gulliver who works as a mailman and also a part-time guitar hero player. Why I call him as a No Man? Referring to Jim Carrey’s Yes Man, this Gulliver is a NO MAN, he keeps saying no to chances in his life. That what makes him stayed for 7 years as guardian of the mail room I think. Gulliver has this crush for his office mate named Darcy (Amanda Peet). Just when I knew that her name was Darcy, I recall my fluids mechanic memory of Darcy-Weisbach. Okey. That’s it. Though Darcy seems to give a green light for Gulliver, he seems to procrastinate things too much and too often as well. Every time he’s got chances to ask Darcy out, he’ll suck it.

Because of his impulsive action, Gulliver experienced another side of travelling in Bermudas. He ended up in an island full of liliput, and surely those liliputs think that Gulliver is such a giant, a beast that what they usually call Gulliver. Here he experienced more than just being around the liliputs, he befriended with Marshal from How I met Your Mother who becomes Horatio in this movie. Horatio to me is the reflection of Gulliver, a guy with no guts, a nice guy who thinks that he’s just a small guy, while he’s not, he’s a lot more than that. So does Gulliver, in his daily life, he’s just a loser. But here, accidentally he becomes a hero for the kingdom. He can finally assure himself, that he’s worthy, that he can really do something. A little personal info, I got a bit annoyed when I watch Marshal has to chase another woman, I just watch How I Met Your Mother so often that I feel that Marshal Erikson is just for Lily Aldrin. Yeah, what so ever?

” There’s no small job. There’s just small people.” – Gulliver

My words about Gulliver’s Travels? It’s entertaining, it’s fun, it’s light, it’s lively, but that’s it. I couldn’t experience more than that. It’s a typical holiday movie to me, just like Adam Sandler’s Bedtime Stories. No regret for watching it. It’s just I expect something big come up from this movie. Something which is sooooo funnny I can’t stop laughing. Come on! It’s Jack Black! But what I get after the movie ended was just like, okey, fine, entertaining. Anyway, my boyfriend and I got  recognized that the miniature faking shown in opening (we think) was made by Sam O’Hare the Sandpit man, this kind of personal thing, just pleased us.

So, when you’re out with couple of friends, planning to go to cinema, Gulliver’s Travels ain’t bad. Or when you’re alone at home, have nothing to do, tv sucks, watching it at home will be still fine. So, I guess the movie is just fine and ok. Holiday is still on for the next following weeks, I still got time to watch more movies, this is just an appetizer. So, happy holiday fella!

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