Le petit Nicolas (2009) : What do you want to be in the future?

After 4 months, I finally open my wordpress again. I didn’t even open it for nearly 4 months. For 4 months I just never felt like writing. No, it’s not writers block I assume. I just try to find other things to explore, beside letting my fingers do the dance. Seem that I miss writing so much. That’s why I come back to this page.

Just yesterday, jojo as usual gave me a thing to watch. It’s le petit nicolas. He told me that I might like this one. Since I have done all my tasks days before, I don’t have nothing to do then. Watching movie is my pleasure. I have never heard about this movie. My first guess, this movie might be quite the same with “Diary of Wimpy Kid”. Probably about a kid who’s having difficulty to survive at school, bullied by mean kids, but “Le petit nicolas” offers different story.

It all started with one question, “What do you want to be in the future?”. For some people, it’s easy to answer such a question like that. But for some other it can remain as an open-ended question even until they grow up. When his teacher asked Nicolas (Maxime Godart) to make an essay about that, he was thinking hardly about what he wants to be in the future. He then looked at his friends, they seem to have plan about what they want to be in the future. This movie will bring you to the answer about what he wants to be in the future.

Nicolas is a sweet, loving and sensitive young boy. He’s coming from a modest family, his father is an employee who’s trying to get promotion and his mother is a caring housewife. One day, he accidentally overheard his parents talking about getting rid of “something”. Then he assumed that it’s him they’re talking about. Along with his friends, Nicolas then set up a plan. Hilarious plan. Unlike “Diary of Wimpy Kid”, Nicolas is not being bullied at all, he is getting along well with his friends. Their friendship is so cute. They all have different personality. Clotaire, the clumsy, is the bottom of the class. Alceste, the fatty, loves to eat everything, everytime, everywhere. Geoffroy, the posh, is a super rich boy with classy look. Eudes, bandit, loves to solve things with fight. Agnan, teacher’s pet, is golden boy who loves to be center of attention in class.

Nicolas shows me more than funny look and ridiculous question. He shows me fear who doesn’t only belong to kids, but also to adults. Fear of not being loved, fear of being forgotten, fear of being left behind. He shows me happiness. Happy to be loved & happy to please others. Although it looks like simple movie, Nicolas and his buddies can teach us more.

Funny. Entertaining. Cute. Meaningful. When you’re looking for some kind of light yet inspiring movie, you gotta see this. The pure-hearted Nicolas can really touch your heart I suppose.

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