The Descendants (2011) : Hawaii is just another place on earth

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They say all marriages are happy, it’s the living together afterward that creates all the troubles. It happens to Matt King (George Clooney) and his wife Elizabeth King. Communication is something they no longer bother. They live in same house, but barely never stare at each other. Matt King is a busy sole trustee and lawyer who lived in beautiful island Kauai. Some people believe that he lives in paradise. Though gorgeous scenery is all over him, it doesn’t make his life less trouble-some, than those who live in big crowded city. Yeah, trouble is still a darling friend.

As his wife stays in coma because of the boating accident, he has to take care both of his 2 daughters. Have never taken care of her youngest daughter, left Matt very clueless about how to deal with 10 year old Scottie. It isn’t easy for him to do the parenting stuff while taking care of the family business. If you’re fan of George Clooney, you will for sure love this movie. His soothing and gentle expression give every scenes a ‘life’. To me personally, this isn’t complicated life story. Yet the director, Alexander Payne, managed to execute every details of the story quite well. He brings up the story about common people who face uncommon situation. Sometimes I found hilarious laugh at dramatic scenes and also irony in funny scenes.

” Do you think just because we live here, our heartaches are less painful? ” -Matt King

The Descendants interpretes another meaning of happy ending. Figure out your wife cheated on you, but you know she found love in another man, could be new form of happiness. Or finally getting along with your daughters after long not maintaining the relationship, there’s always light in darkness. You just have to open your heart. Anyway, talking about the soundtrack, I think I fall for Hawaiian’s musician. It strengthens the mood of the movie. I found it soothing, light and subtle. You’ve got to listen to Keola Beamer’s Kalena Kai, one of my favorite tracks.

So, after watching this movie I understand why this movie is nominated in so many awards and finally won some of them.  If I should choose one word to describe this movie, it will be bittersweet. The kind of movie, I still talk about for few days after I watched it. Scenes I still remember after long not watching it. Moving, gentle, complex, common, all in one.

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