Arisan2! (2011) : 8 years have passed, what changes do these socialites bring?

Hello fellow readers! It’s been quite a while since I last wrote. Pardon me for my “so-called” routine. Straight to the topic, there is a ground breaking Indonesian which has recently been launched. Arisan2! Yes it is. So far, this is my first Indonesian movie review I publish in this blog. If you ask me, do I like the movie, damn yes! Why? I’ll explain you why I love this movie.

Still directed by Indonesian gifted director, Nia Dinata, the sequel from Arisan! (2003) still come up with the same old touch. Posh, honest, witty and classy. Nia Dinata packaged social critic in such a neat way. Uncover the reality in Jakarta’s middle up society. Create black jokes out of socialite’s daily life. Dialogues among the cast, that’s something I love. Movie that makes you think about your own life while you’re experiencing someone’s life.

Come on, party is part of life!” -Andien

After 8 years have passed, Sakti (Tora Sudiro), Nino (Surya Saputra), Meimei (Cut mini), Andien (Aida Nurmala) and Lita (Rachel maryam) have experienced some changes in their life. Love is no more an issue for Sakti and Nino, since they have decided to break up and call it off. Nino is having a relationship with a 20-something soc-med addict named Okta (Rio Dewanto). While Sakti is having a quite complicated love story with middle age man. After her husband died, now Andien is a hot single mom raising her children by herself and still live a luxurious life. Lita is pursuing her career as a parliament staff while raising her son with no father.

Since she figured out that she suffered cancer, Meimei then decided to go for a meditation in Gili. I like how Nia Dinata reminds us to bless our life, our health and people we love around us. There is one line I love the most, when a bartender told meimei that Cancer is a gift, because Cancer told us how many years we still have, that’s something other people don’t know. It’s so heart-warming watching Meimei go through her meditation, go to Borobudur Temple to pray and celebrate Vaisak.

Watch this movie, if you want to see the beauty of Indonesia, if you want to figure out how true friends still stand up for you no matter what, if you want to know how people embrace life with no intention but to pursue happiness, if you want to laugh at those socielites daily routine, if you want to see 180′ of Rio Dewanto, if you simply want to take a glimpse of Jakarta’s middle up society. As an Indonesian, I’m proud that we have movie like this. To me, this is like a mixture between sex & the city and Eat, Pray, Love. Nothing heavy, it just gives you a reminder call.

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